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OE Quality ABS Plastic
All of our True Edge Products flares are made from OE quality ABS plastic and molded for a precise, tight fit. Our plastic is resistant to UV rays and fade and if properly maintained will look great for the life of the vehicle.
4 Distinct Flare Styles
Our2 styles of flares offer you a complete line-up of flare choices. Rivetz offers the extreme 4x4 Offroad look with deep pockets and stainless steel rivets. Sportz are a clean, OE style flare that follows factory lines and styles for a sharper, more reserved look.
Perfect For Used Vehicles
True Edge has applications for the most popular trucks and SUV's. We have flares for the Chevy Silverado, Ford F Series, Ram, Toyota Tundra and many more. Not only do we cover the most current year models but we go back 2-3 generations depending on the make and model. Our flares are perfect to cover fenders that have rust damage from salt.
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3 Unique Finishes
With 4 types of finishes you can choose the right look for your truck. Our Smooth finish is glossy black with a very light texture that is perfect for painting. Matte Smooth is the standard finish that's available on our Sportz flares that looks great unfinished or painted. All of our smooth flares can be painted to match your vehicle color to give you the ultimate custom look.
Easy To Read Instructions
Our instruction sheets have been completely re-written from the ground up in true American English. These aren’t the typical ‘translated’ instructions, or terrible broken English. Th
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Limited Lifetime Warranty
All True Edge Flares feature our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty on the flare and paint. Should you have a problem with one of our flares or the paint, you can be sure that TrueEdge will stand behind it!
No-Drill Install
Our Rivetz flares are all applications that can be installed without drilling. However these flares do include self-tapping screws if you decide you want a more permanent install. Our Sportz flares do require the use of self-tapping screws along with the pre-installed 3M red-liner tape.
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Deluxe Mounting Hardware
Our flares feature our deluxe mounting hardware kits that include easy to understand instructions. Our hardware kits also include stainless steel rivets and weatherstripping that features 3M red-liner tape.
100% Stainless Rivetz
We use only 100% stainless steel rivets on all of our Rivetz flares. Not only will stainless steel not rust but you also get an eye-popping shine with stainless steel, especially with a painted set of flares.
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