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Who We Are
TrueEdge Products is a leading manufacturer of top quality truck accessories made with the highest quality materials and designed to meet unparalleled standards. TrueEdge Products takes great pride in our products as well as the services we provide for our customers. We place an extreme value on the relationships and the trust we have with our customers and we believe that is what sets us apart from other manufacturers.
We Were First
After we made our decision to manufacture our own brand of flares, we knew that customers also wanted them painted to match their vehicle colors. TrueEdge Products became the first manufacturer to offer painted to match flares. While some other manufactures have also started to paint flares, they only do so in certain colors. If your vehicle is not one of the handful of colors they paint, then you are out of luck. Not so at TrueEdge Products! We paint all the colors that a truck or SUV is available in from the vehicle manufacturer. We use only PPG paints and we paint and ship them fast. In most cases a painted set of flares ships in 3 days.
How We Started
TrueEdge Products is a brand company of Auto Aftermarket Concepts. After requests by our core customers for us to add fender flares to our offering, we started searching for a brand that offered selection, quality and pricing to me our customers needs. We found no such brand on the market that met all 3 of these qualifications. So the decision was made for us to create our own brand of fender flares that was a a complete selection, high quality and most of all priced affordable.
What Makes Us The Best
TrueEdge Products stands behind ever product with a lifetime warranty because we use the highest quality materials to make our products. You take selection, quality, pricing, painting, support and add them to our unmatched ship times and you have an unbeatable combination.
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